‘Harmonic’ at kew gardens

‘Harmonic’ is a show by Cirque Bijou, commissioned by and performed at Kew Gardens throughout the summer of 2018. The show featured aerial artist Korri Aulakh performing a swinging trapeze routine to a collection of pieces composed and performed by Rob using a cello and loop station. ‘Harmonic’ was subsequently performed in Shanghai and at Bristol Harbour Festival in 2019.


Google - Room 98

A 60 minute soundtrack for Google’s Room 98 workshop in Los Angeles. Divided in to three 20 minute chapters, the composition aims to reflect the themes covered in the workshop and take attendees on a reflective journey. At the end of the workshop, a vinyl pressing of the music is given to participants as a souvenir.

Gucci fashion show

Composition for Gucci’s fashion show with long time collaborator Emre Ramazanoglu.