The Sea

The Sea celebrates the magnificence of the oceans that cover almost three quarters of the earth’s surface.  It is a track designed to focus our awareness on the importance of rebuilding and preserving something that is home to over 90% of living organisms and contributes to the majority of oxygen that keeps us alive. 

The Sea has a feeling of suspense throughout, created by a looped pizzicato pattern. This pizzicato motif floats on a sustained drone which is designed to symbolise the movement of water and the coming and going of the tide. The melody builds to a crescendo like a series of waves overlapping one another. The peak of the crescendo is followed by a sudden sense of serenity, allowing the simplified melody to be restored. 


Pines stems from the notion of evolution of plant life all over earth; a growth that cultivates a home for wildlife and creates the oxygen we need to breathe. There is an element of uncertainty in the track, which reflects and questions the way we interact with the planet and our respect for the plants that keep us alive. The continuous movement within the track reminds us that all organisms and plants are ever growing and evolving, whilst reflecting the endless nature of the energy driving this life cycle.

It is a soaring melodic track that begins at the top of the frequency spectrum, gaining breadth and colour as it descends. By the time the lowest notes are reached, an ascending melody takes flight, taking the low frequencies with it as it soars from the cello. Pines ebbs and flows like a towering tree swaying in the forest, as the melody lucidly glides above. A sense of tranquillity in the middle section provides a bed for pizzicato patterns to resonate before the melody takes flight again.  


Landing is based on the notion of the earth having a heartbeat.  It is a track designed to bring awareness to the subject of global warming and the atmosphere surrounding the earth. At a time when we have never had more evidence to support the problems of rising temperatures, we face an uphill battle to make the necessary changes.

The looped pizzicato pattern in Landing is designed to replicate this continuous life cycle and forms the backbone of the composition. The soaring pizzicato melody ebbs and flows throughout the track and it is only when we reach the final stages of the track that our attention is bought back to the heartbeat of the composition.